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Wallpaper Design Types

Some basic wallpaper design types are mainly used to add a specific value or feel to a room that other designs may not do justice. From a wide variety of wallpaper designs, here are a few unique wallpaper designs that are appreciated for the difference that they make.

The Striped Wallpaper Design

From clothing and beddings to wallpaper, striped designs add length to an object; in whichever direction the stripes go, horizontal lines make a room look wider, while vertical stripes make a room look longer. So if you were looking at how to enhance the look of your room in terms of length or width, consider the stripes. They come in different hues, so you can get something that does not look too ‘stripy’ if you are bothered about seeing stripes when you close your eyes. They are mainly very suitable for lobbies and walkways. They also combine very effortlessly with damask or plain wallpapers. 

How to use:

For shorter rooms, use sharper or more distinct stripes with calmer colors in your living room or bedroom to make it appear longer.

The Damask Wallpaper Design

Another type of wallpaper design that adds a unique touch to a room is the damask wallpaper design. With this, you get that regal look that even monarchs go for, and it does not go out of style. Another good thing is that unlike many other types of wallpaper designs, the damask wallpaper can be used in small rooms or big rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms. All you need do is to change the size of the prints, or the shade of the prints, according to the size of the room and the feel you want to give it. Bathrooms, which are usually smaller than other spaces in the house, could use smaller prints of the damask design; Hallways, are not left out in this superb feel; for a small hallway or stairway, larger damask prints in calmer colors give character to that part of the house.

Attention should be paid to proper pattern matching during installation. 

How to use:

  1. Pick subtle colors and patterns of damask for your bedrooms and bathrooms and stronger patterns for your kitchen and living room.
  2. Use metallic damask colors for poorly lit rooms for better reflection, and smaller prints to make a room look larger. 
  3. Use colors with more depth for bathrooms and places where you want more calmness.
  4. Combine with plain or striped wallpapers for a more balanced effect. 
  5. Always check to see that the batches are the same to avoid variation in colors. 


Damask wallpapers hardly go out of style, but they evolve. They also come in different textures and colors, giving you a wide range of options. 

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