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If you have ever been to a home or office that made you feel good and different from how your home or office space makes you feel, you would notice that the main difference is the décor.

There is something about being in your space and feeling good, proud, and confident. It is an absolute mood lifter, and sometimes, it doesn’t break the bank to achieve that look, all it takes is some of these tips to make a place have that exquisite look.

So, while you may still be trying to find your décor style, here are simple ways to make your home or office décor look exquisite:

  • Reduce Unnecessary Furniture And Clutter

Clutter is what happens when we find it hard to let go of items and they become just too much. This could be pieces of furniture as well. Getting rid of some old pieces, to get a nice new modern single or double piece of furniture and accessory for your room would be a great idea. Sparse furnishing comes across as classier.

  • Have Different Types

Combining say two types of furniture in the same room gives a modern, artistic and unique feel that peps up the style a bit better than having only one type of upholstery and the same feel throughout the room.

  • Create Illusions

Illusions of heights – when you drape your curtains quite high, even if your windows were not so high, you could create that illusion by starting the curtains from very near the ceiling. It would give your room some grand tall look. Illusion of size/space – when you make your walls and furniture pale and bright colours, your room would appear larger than it really is.

  • Include Ornaments

A few lampshades, plants and artwork here and there, give your room a touch of class, especially when sparsely yet strategically placed in noticeable areas of the house or office.

  • Paint Your Space

The walls are about the largest areas in a room, and putting on a fresh colour adds instant beauty to the room.

  • Wallpaper Your Space

It is such a saver when you can simply paste on an exquisite design of wallpaper that gives the entire room (and the real plain furniture that you cannot change now) an instant gorgeous lift, making your dull looking furniture pop nicely in contrast to the wallpaper design.

  • Use Good Lighting And Mirrors

Just enough lighting would make anything dazzle and look glamourous, including décor. The right amount of light in the right positions would do justice to giving your place that posh look; and for that extra dazzle, Mirrors reflecting the light work great.

  • Use A Rug And Pillows

The right rugs and pillows thrown in, add a touch of warmth to that exquisite room. Just ensure that the styles and colours match or create a lovely contrast.

  • Include Fragrance

Exquisite goes beyond just the looks, to the smell – candles, potpourri, diffusers etc. A signature scent in your room definitely gives a tinge of special. Choose wisely though, you could get help if you are not sure what fragrance to pick.


As you follow these simple ways, you may start to find your own style in the type of plants that you prefer, or the wallpaper design that works best for you. As exquisite as you’d want your space to be, do remember to add that personal touch of warmth with little things like your personal pictures.


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