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It’s very intriguing to feel the comfort, class and composure (3C’s) a blind can bring to your space.

You love your privacy but need to feel and inhale the freshness of the air as it spreads in your room?
Then you’re probably looking at the best blinds for such purpose.😁

Here are few things you probably didn’t know about blinds. Not just any window blind but Day and Night roller window blinds.

Firstly, Day and Night window blinds features two layers which are made up of stripes, semi-see through and block fabrics. The semi-see through is called the Day while the block fabric is called the Night.

Secondly, it has an Excellent Light Control. Day and Night roller blinds are known for their unique opening mechanism that offers excellent light control. They allow easy access of light into the room while denying others access from having a glimpse of the inside.😳 Wowed right? Very great for daylight privacy without compromising on sunlight.

Thirdly, this can not be underated. Did you know that Day and Night roller blinds has it’s thermal qualities?🤔 Absolutely Yes! Now follow me to the cruise lane. The fabric features a void space between it’s twin layers that acts as a giant air pocket,
trapping air close to the window. The still air warms and helps cushion the home from the cold temperature outside.

Lastly, window blinds are suitable for your offices, living room, bedroom, hallways, kitchen and bathroom. It’s wall friendly and comes in different colours. You can choose the colour and design you like which is an excellent way to add your own unique personality to your space.

The durability and maintenance of this roller blind has never been left unanswered. Unlike dirty or stained curtains that causes allergies, these blinds are quite easy to maintain.

Here are a few ways to maintain your blinds:

  1. Remove dust from the roller blinds with vacuum cleaner or compressed air.
  2. Deep sponge or soft brush in soapy water to clean your blind and leave it down until it’s completely dry.
  3. Do not scrub or use any abrasive substance that might damage the coating of the fabric.

At Wallpaper World😎, let our team create the space you desire with our unique Day and Night roller blind at an affordable rate.🤝

For further enquiries, please call us on 07026064787, we’ll be happy to hear from you!

An open header window blind
Closed header window blind

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