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About Wallpaper World

Etta Décor – WALLPAPER WORLD is a leading Décor service firm with special dedication to the fast growing interior décor market. We boast the first and most sophisticated and up to date wall covering mall in this part of the world, providing end-to-end wall covering and décor solutions and delivering unsurpassed quality and support to designers in the building and home restoration industry. Since its inception, Etta décor – Wallpaper World has adhered to a customer centered philosophy that puts the customer first and delivers what each, defines as value. We provide complete wall covering products and services to individuals and organizations and deliver at the most affordable price and shortest notice possible. With our one-stop showrooms and outlets spreading all over the country and beyond, we hope to forge a consistent trust center wherever we are found, connecting our customers with what is defined as the best brands and products in the industry.

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